Solo Exhibitions

1993   “Four Dimensions”  - An Installation at Singapore National Museum.
1999   “Rain Forest” - Sculpture and drawing exhibition at Plastic Kinetic Worm Gallery
2002   “20 Tonnes” (Physical consequences) - An Installation at MICA building
2006   “Oasis”  - An Installation at Sculpture Square
2009   “The Changing Landscape” - Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition at Luxe Museum
2011   “The Black Forest 2011” - An Installation at Esplanade, Jendela
2013   “Black Forest 2013” - An Installation at Institution of Southeast Asian Gallery 1 & 2 (NAFA)
2014   “Moving Forest” - An Artist in Residency Project, exhibited at Singapore Tyler Print Institute
2015   “Harvest” -  An Installation exhibition in connected with SG50  at Esplanade theatres on the bay.
2016   “Secret Landscapes” -  Painting and sculpture exhibition at Private Museum. A project under Bali Purnati Artist Residency.
2019  “Dance with the Wind” - Painting and sculpture exhibition at ipreciation gallery
2022 The Forest and Its Soul - Print, paper sculptures and painting exhibited at STPI’s  Artist In-Residency programme
2022 Microganisms Landscape - Installation Exhibition at Esplanade Theaters on the Bay

Selected Group Exhibitions

1985 Singapore Sculpture Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery
1985 Second Asian Art Show, Fukuoka Museum, Japan
1986 Contemporary Asian Art Show, National Museum of Modem Art, in Seoul, Korea
1989 Third Asian Art Show, Fukuoka Museum, Japan
1991 Sculpture in Singapore, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1998 International Sculpture Exhibition, Quebec
2002 Borrow landscape - site specific works in Indonesia
2002 The 1st International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition, Taiwan 2002
2005 The 11th Triennale – India
2006 Invited for an International City of Sculpture events and exhibition in Zhenzhou, China
2008 Participated in 2008 Olympic Games the Landscape Sculpture in Beijing
2010 Yekaterinburg Art Foundation, Title: In Family Unity – Unity Of The World
International Exhibition of Sculptures and Photos in Yekaterinburg, Russia
2012 “Contact” The Three Singaporean arts exhibition, at Yuan Xiao Cen Art Museum, Yunnan, China.
2013 Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum
2013 Artist in Residency programme at Singapore Tyler Print Institution.
2014 Publication - Han Sai Por Modern Sculpture. Publisher: NAFA.
2014 Talk by Han Sai Por - Public Sculpture. Organized by STPI
2014 Exhibited at Art Stage, Singapore
2014 invited participate in exhibition “Unearthed “ by Singapore Art Museum
2014 Taken part in Basel exhibition ( Hong Kong)
2015 Invited for London Art Biennale 201.
2015 Invited for Biennale of Art Museum of Chianciano, Ital.
2016 Singapore Biennale 2016. SAM
2017 London Biennale 2017
2017 The Belt and Road, Invited International Exhibition at Qingdao, China.
2018 “Black Forest 2018” - Gangwon International Biennale 2018, invited by South Korea, in connected with PyeongChang Olympic 2018
2018 NAFA 80thcelebration Exhibition at Liu Haisu Art Museum Shanghai, China
2021 Participated S.E.A. Focus with STPI
Participated group show “Strange Forms of Life” and talk at STPI
2023 Participated  Kunming Dianchi wetlands park sculpture project